What is my motivation? 

Based on my own experiences, my inner mindset (how) , the kind of work I am doing (what) and the work enviroment (where) plays a critical role for performance, development and inner balance. It influences my stress level and therefore also quality of life. Eckart Tolle says that  how a person works is the most important and if we meet a challenging situation we have three options in that siutuation.  We can change it, if possible, accept it fully or get out of it. Going out of a job or pushing for a change is often a complex issue and can have serious consequences. This can create thought circles and fears leading to the feeling of being stuck. 
In my academic career I have worked in three different countries in varios groups and positions. In some places I experienced a very good fit, I felt supported, was allowed to explore and make mistakes. It felt like a seedling in the right kind of earth, the right conditions where it that can grow and start to blossom. I also did experience the extreme opposite, where any development was activly supressed and harassment from my boss was daily business. Basically that seedling got stepped on daily without water and sun. Since I did not get out quickly enough, my health suffered dramatically and it nearby cost my life. 

As I was in this extremelly stressful work enviroment, I looked around for support. Unfortunately, there was not much. During my recovery I went exploring what methods could support me and others. I wanted to offer some support for others that may also struggle at work. After 6 years of exploring, studying and trying I now designed this three day workshop. It is based on my experience on one day workshops that I led over the past year.  

This workshop gives you an opportunity to reflect about your situation using three different methods. We will not only activate the brain but also the wisdom of the heart and a change in perspective may present new solutions.  

Beyond the three day workshop: 

Kathleen is also offering one to one session in systemic coaching. 


1991-1996 Diplom in Biochemistry at Humboldt University at Berlin

1997- 2001 Dr. rer. nat Biochemistry at the Charite Berlin

2000-2001 Yoga Teacher Certificate

2001-2014 Teacher for Raja-Yoga and Tai-Chi-Chuan (24 Yang style)

2004 participated in  "Project Management Principles and Practices” workshop

2005 participated in "Influencing Without Authority" workshop

2005 participated  in "Team Management” workshop 

2008 participated in "Leadership - Basics” workshop

2008 participated in "Leadership, Communication, Management by Objectives, Assessment of Performance” workshop

2008 - present participate regularly in Family Constellation workshops

2009 participated in " Time Management”  workshop

2009 participated in  “Leadership - Advanced” workshop

2010 participated in “Leadership and Awareness" workshop

2011, 2012 participated in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) courses 

​2012 participated in "Strategic Self-Management" workshop

2012 - present Associate Professor (Reader) in Infection and Immunity

2014 -present Founder and Director of TiKa Diagnostic Ltd

2014, 2015 participated in Soul Voice® courses

2015, 2016 participated in gender awarness workshops

2015 participated in Vision Quest

2015 - 2016 Family Constellation facilitator training at the Hellinger® Lebensschule

2016 training in Council - basics

2016 training in Council in school

2016 training in Council - advanced 


Workshop Leader

Associate Prof. Dr. Kai Hilpert

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Workshop Assistant

One to One Systemic Coaching Session

Kathleen Kirmer